Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques are simple and effective methods of stress management that can be easily learned.  Persistent practice of breathing techniques can decrease pain and muscle tension, help cope with stress and calm the nervous system.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and Mindfulness techniques are potent self-help practices. People who practice regularly and diligently experience benefits such as increased concentration, clarity, happiness and equanimity. Linda's experience in these techniques and with working with individuals who have experienced trauma, addiction, chronic pain and other health challenges allow her to safely teach others in the use of these techniques.

Understanding the Stress Response

Understanding the stress response and its effect on the body is a foundation for coping with stress. Cognitive strategies, life-style assessment, mind-body strategies and breathing techniques are among the tools that can be employed to reframe thinking, shift self-awareness, enhance self-regulation and initiate changes in your life.

Managing Change

Change is a part of life but making and responding to life changes can be difficult. Our perspectives, as well as specific tools and resources, help us manage change. Each of us can take steps to more effectively help ourselves thrive in the world, take responsibility for our fulfillment and live with more awareness. We have the ability to understand our underlying motivation and behaviours to implement positive change in our lives.